What Are your Class Formats?

We are often asked “Are there different types of Pilates classes?”

Balanced Fitness Studio offers 4 Pilates class formats as follows:


Traditional Pilates is the foundation of all our classes. Using the reformer, tower, boxes and arch barrels, this class challenges your body in all planes of motion while mobilizing your spin in flexion, rotation, lateral flexion and extension. Focus is on technique, control and the mind-body connection. Ideal for beginners and those looking to go deeper into the Pilates principles.


Combination of core strengthening, muscle lengthening and total body conditioning with flowing Pilates exercises you love. With just the right amount of intensity, creativity and challenge, you will see results and leave feeling centered and toned to take on the day ahead. Align, renew and empower yourself in this class suitable for all levels


Spend the first half of this combo class recruiting, engaging and defining core muscles including abdominals, back and glutes and the second half in deep stretches for the entire body.


Blending Pilates precision with fitness moves, your heart will be pumping and muscles burning. Using reformers, resistance bands, jump-boards, boxes, and other props, you’ll get a full body workout. Intermediate. Suitable for those with solid understanding of Pilates principles and body awareness