weight-managementWeight Management consulting at Balanced Fitness combines
sound nutrition guidelines, safe efficient exercise program and mental
well-being recommendations.  Your private session will focus on your individual situation to provide support and motivat
ion to reach your health goals.

Weight management is more than just your diet and what you are eating, it also requires regular physical activity. While everything that you consume contains calories, you need to use those calories (through physical activity) so your body does not store those unused calories as fat. Through exercise we can control our weight, and the more connected we are our to our bodies the less we desire indulgences that could be high in calories.

We will work with you to help tone the muscles of your body through strength training and exercise. As you tone your muscles and your body, you will have more endurance and strength allowing you to be more physically active resulting in the opportunity to burn more calories and control your weight more effectively.

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